On Track Services

We respect the public image your company has worked so hard to achieve and acknowledge your commitment to excellence. We will deliver the same high standards and transparency in all of our dealings. Our purpose is to integrate communication, cultural and operational practices to achieve positive outcomes through partnership

Did you know – icare NSW has shown that workers who receive early support & injury management spend less time off work on workers compensation? FACT: If a claim is not proactively managed until 2-3 weeks after the incident, the average claim cost rises by 13%. At 12 weeks the claims cost has increases by 91%.


You are assigned a dedicated account manager. All staff employed by On Track are qualified Allied Health Professionals and Return to Work Coordinators with proven case management skills. In the event of an incident, appointed staff will ensure regular and consistent liaison with the appropriate internal contact.

Our audit will highlight and help you understand your current workers compensation situation and the many areas of opportunity. It will clearly articulate the necessary steps in a tailored program to reduce your workers compensation costs below your industry average.

Claims & Strategic Management
We use our strong relationships with all of the insurers and keep in close contact with the claims team to ensure you get the best service. Timely and proactive team management of claims will result in lower cost on claim and realistic estimates and premiums. The current operational needs of the company and any specific HR initiatives will be taken into consideration.


  • Reduce workers compensation related costs.
  • Reduce lost time injuries (LTI’s) and needless absences.
  • Management of both physical & psychological injuries.
  • Reduce negativity and stress in the culture of your company.
  • Improve medical outcomes.
  • Improve internal communications/information flow.
  • Bring departments together to work for common goal.
  • Improve internal customer satisfaction levels.

Measuring Success

  • All of the primary premium indicators improve; injury rates & duration, LTI’s, cost of claims & premium.
  • Improved communication throughout the company; injuries being reported on time to insurers, reporting to WHS committee & management.
  • Staff at all levels feeling supported, respected & confident that processes are in place & working well.
  • Potential issues are escalated to management and dealt with appropriately leading to reduction in crisis management.

Injury Management, Rehabilitation & RTW

We build a strong strategic business partnership with you and actively build relationships throughout your organisation. This ensures we have a balanced and full view of the many aspects involved in return to work outcomes and is the greatest key to success in rehabilitation planning. Pro-active early intervention, our process and associated documents ensure the rights and responsibilities of all parties are met.

Psychological/ stress claims

We partner with you to manage claims and incidents involving stress or harassment in the workplace. Correct management of these difficult matters will ensure limited impact on your company.

Seminars and workshops

On Track develops and conducts seminars and workshops tailored to your needs.

Task Analysis

This clearly sets out the specific requirements of each task with regards to weights, frequency of manual handling, and the bodily mechanics required of each task and the availability of suitable duties.

Suitable duties register

As part of the Task Analysis suitable duties are identified for each area/division. It includes information on the physical and production requirements for the task. This acts as a reference guide for the employer and for use in NTD advices, IMC & IME briefs.

Pre-placement strategies

On Track will determine if the pre-placement policy supports the effective screening of potential employees with regards to their suitability for the role, pre-existing conditions and/or special needs.


On Track training programs encourage a healthy attitude of involvement, ownership and team participation.

  • Manual handling training – essential aspect of control strategies for reducing manual handling injuries.
  • Ergonomic training – we conduct ergonomic assessment and training for individuals or groups.
  • Manager and Supervisor Training – suitable for managers at all levels, from CEO’s/senior management to supervisors.
  • Work Health & Wellbeing Programs – you may wish to launch a healthy eating program, quit smoking campaign,stress reduction programs, workstation stretch program.
  • WHS Committee Training and Coaching- understand the nature of the incidents, remedial actions and the process to prevent similar incidents recurring. Ensuring incidents are thoroughly investigated and remedied so that the cycle is completed.

Health Practitioners Service Agreements

Having dedicated medical centres assists employers to manage their workers compensation risks and responsibilities, by providing convenient, reliable, cost effective management of workplace injury/illness.

Critical Incident Debriefing

On Track are able to offer this vital service to you to assist with incidents in the workplace effecting one or more staff members.

Payroll Consulting

Timely & correct wage payment is a vital part of the ongoing relationship with the injured worker and preventing unwanted escalation.

IR/HR support and exit strategy support

We can assist by briefing solicitors on Workers Compensation matters. We are also able to compile information and evidence when considering the ongoing employment of workers unable to return to full duties.